melancholia is exhausting.

I haven’t read Homestuck in six months.

What’s up my black friends.

Adios, for the meantime.

Hello guys, it’s been a while since my last post which was also relayed after periodic gaps and useless reblogs.

It has come upon my awareness that Tumblr is not the appropriate medium for most of the material stuck in my mind because of how it works and how some the users tend to mostly misinterpret and grab without permission posts from other, more renowned bloggers. 

While I am not discrediting this website, I think it’s best for me to independently create my material without direct interference from users in the event my posts gain attention.

Regards — JM

What does being unable to buy a chocolate shake on discount price and talking about your music taste with your friend have in common? It’s the feeling of regret.

Reason does not necessarily need love unless it depends on the other to seek answers where little can be found.

The water warfare of late June was  not as joyful as that one in 2010. The sprinklers have yet to make a comeback, hopefully next year.

I am prepared to be exhausted by tremendous amounts of books and blank sheets of paper settled to be worked on. 

Yesterday I found a picture of me when I was 11 years old. It was an image of a boy with no insight of factors ordained to twist his beliefs and habits. I felt somber after seconds of glancing at it. Something was wrong with that smile I projected there, but I could not define the reason. Was it brought the last bits of innocence about to be purged by the sordid nature of society?

All I could remember was that I loved drawing countrysides and skylines. I continued doing it until my first year in high school; the nadir of my creativity. There were no smiles, only growing angst followed by remorse.


with your dead friends!

im sor ry like really

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The Standard Tone Comes into Mind

In the land of coconuts and mangoes, cell phones were more or less of a big deal before internet-based social media went widely popular, and this was not only due to passing quotes and threats.

This was a period of time after the Y2K scare, where the most popular model was the Nokia 5110 – a palm-length device with a protruding antenna, characteristic of most releases during the late 90’s. It had an overwhelming girth and, because of its bulkiness, any person born last decade that might come across with it will confuse it for a shoe brush when found face down. During its heyday, the N5110 was subject to a trend that involved the gizmo’s modifiable outer casing. While it was sold in different colors other than the basic black, such as lime green and navy blue, owners deliberately replaced their phone’s appearance with affordable casings with varying designs (Hello Kitty was present as expected). Similar to how some of us match our clothes with our accessories, changing phone casings – or housings as it was also called back then – were on the rage. All of this without changing the monochrome LED display, albeit replacing the default green back light with a different shade paired with the owner’s preference was also hip. It’s barely a moot point to say that it introduced texting to the mainstream outside of business purposes – anyone with the money could purchase it for a hefty price, excluding the SIM card which was more than ten times expensive than its current worth. My grandmother bought her Globe SIM card for a price somewhere near a thousand pesos. No doubt their cursing against me when I playfully blocked their PINs could be justified by reason.

A short list of things that make N5110 the best phone for its era is something I won’t bother writing down, but I can say this: its antenna is good for picking nose gunk. I bet my life that your smartphone cannot do that.

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